Female enjoyment: travel to erogenous zones

In her book “Female sexuality in all its frolics”, the psychiatrist and sexologist Céline Causse responds to all the questions that women, young and old, directly, bi or lesbians, ask themselves about the body, pleasure and sexuality. In this comprehensive, academic, no-taboo book, females and men will discover valuable physiological, physiological and pathological insights into female sexuality for the public. Interview.

Leading Santé provides you, with Céline Causse *, a journey into female erotic zones. Clitoris, vaginal area, vulva, rectum, breasts, mouth will be all stages in discovering the secrets to female enjoyment.

Action 1: the clitoris

What’s this? “The clitoris is an organ, measuring 7 to 13 centimeters, situated at the level of the vulva. The vast bulk of it is inside the female body. A little part of the clitoris is located outside the woman. body, at the top of the labia minora, it is the glans of the clitoris.The internal part of the clitoris is comprised of bulbs and pillars. They are located on either side of the vagina. The bulbs surround the opening of the vaginal area, the pillars are a bit more external. They are made from the same erectile tissue as the penis and are also extremely sensitive to enjoyment. ”

How does it work? “This is where the greatest variety of nerve endings committed to pleasure is concentrated. The bulbs and pillars of the clitoris are really conscious pressure while the glans is a lot more conscious vibration and light touch. This is why vibrating sex toys are typically used to promote the clitoris while the inside of the clitoris, the pillars and the bulbs, are a lot more conscious pressure. It is the stimulation of the entire clitoris that permits the ‘getting orgasm. This for that reason requires both external stimulation, which can be done by hand, but likewise internal stimulation of the clitoris during penetration, by pressure on the vaginal walls, connected with muscle contraction of the muscles of the perineum. ”

Action 2: the vaginal area

What’s this? “The vaginal area is a tube that ends at the bottom of the cervix. It runs from the entryway to the vaginal area, the vestibule, to the uterus. A single area consists of the enjoyment receptors, it s’ acts on the anterior surface of the vaginal area likewise called the G-spot. The remainder of the vaginal area is completely insensitive “.

Female enjoyment sexy young girlHow it works? “There are no satisfaction receptors, neither to touch nor to friction, in the vagina. Thus, a rapid backward and forward in a vagina will barely stimulate any receptor. The pleasure receptors are in the wall. of the vaginal area and are above all receptors conscious pressure. So it is the pressure of the penis at this accurate place that will make you feel satisfaction. It is for this reason that ladies frequently choose for the Andromache. This position allows them to make movements back and forth with their pelvis, which triggers pressure on the anterior surface of the vagina “.

Clitoris and vaginal penetration: “Moreover, during sexual arousal, the internal clitoris swells and protrudes inside the vaginal area, at the level of the G point. This enables, throughout penetration, to stimulate it much more, from the within this time. The other erotic power of the vaginal area is connected to the fullness, that is to say the fact of being filled. The vaginal area has receptors sensitive to stretching and to the pressure which are stimulated when the vagina is filled. “.

Clitoris and cervix: “Stimulation of the cervix, obtained by deep penetration, is little known however also efficient for orgasm. In this case, we promote the vagus nerve, a nerve which directs all that is not is not connected to will power in the body. We get orgasms, a lot more general and deeper in tone than orgasms by stimulation of the clitoris “.

A vagina that delights in is an active vaginal area. “A passive vaginal area will not come. For a vaginal area to take pleasure in, it must be active. It is necessary that females understand this. It is the contraction of the muscles of the perineum that will activate all the pressure receptors. present in this location: both the pressure receptors in the anterior surface of the vaginal area, but likewise those located at the level of the internal branches of the clitoris “.

Perk: “During vaginal penetration, the vagina takes on a bulb shape with a tightening of the entrance and a balloonization, related to sexual stimulation, of the lower two-thirds. This can provide the impression of the male than the vaginal area is too large, however it is physiological: it becomes a receptacle for sperm to allow recreation, it is not too large.Finally, the vaginal area is a basically muscular sheath that adjusts to the size of the item that you put within. There is for that reason no too big or too small vagina “.

Step 3: the vulva

An erotic zone too often forgotten: “The vulva is made up of the labia majora, labia minora and the install of venus. It is far frequently forgotten during sexual relations when it constitutes a secondary erotic zone which helps to raise the blood. Pleasure. Enjoyment corpuscles are found in the labia minora and in the labia majora. The previous are delicate to light touch and vibration. The labia majora also have pleasure receptors which are specifically sensitive to pressure. The entrance to the vaginal area, the vestibule, is likewise conscious light touch “.

Step 4: the anus

Female enjoyment - girl on girl actionWhat’s this? “The rectum is the lower end of the digestive system. It is an erogenous zone that is progressively experienced by men and women. There are satisfaction receptors in the anus and we knows that the anus takes part in orgasm by the uncontrolled contraction of the levator rectum muscle ”

How it works?” Anal orgasm exists in both women and males. It is described in females as a visceral orgasm, deeper than clitoral stimulation. This orgasm could be due to either indirect stimulation of the G-spot by pressure during penetration. anal stimulation, either vagus nerve stimulation or direct stimulation of the cervix. However there is still insufficient scientific work on this question to address it more specifically. Thanks to pleasure sensors, rimming will supply sexual arousal “.

Does anal penetration hurt?: “In no case must anal penetration hurt, there is no physiological factor for it. If it harms, it means that the muscles are too tight, that we are not sufficiently prepared, not sufficiently excited or not sufficiently unwinded. And if we do not feel like practicing sodomy, we listen to ourselves, we don’t. “.

Step 5: the breasts

What’s this? “The breast is made of connective tissue, adipose tissue and mammary glands. On the outside, we find the nipple, areola and tubercles of Morgagni.”

Breasts and sexual arousal: “Breasts feed the fantasies and enjoyment of many males, you only need to see the representation of breasts in art in basic. But for women, they can constitute a vital erotic zone In addition to an overall boost in breast size, there is a modification of the breast under the impact of sexual stimulation: the nipple solidifies, the areola bulges and widens. called nipple erection, so the breast responds highly to sexual stimulation.

Stimulation of the nipples and areolas cause an increase in sexual stimulation, and promote access to orgasm in more than 80% of ladies, according to a research study performed in 2006. In 2011, another study showed that the nipples and areolas were straight connected to the brain by a direct neural circuit, which triggers the same area, in the brain, as stimulation of the clitoris. Some women can therefore have orgasms only by stimulation of the nipples. These are sensitive to pressure and pinching. The areolas and the periphery of the breast are more conscious light touch “.

Step 6: Mouth and lips

How it works? “The mouth is a secondary erotic zone, the place through which all oral sexuality passes. It is an important zone for a female’s sexuality. 91% of women have actually already performed fellatio in their lifetime according to the Ifop put Elle survey in 2019. 40% of them practice cunnilingus with their partner.In addition to satisfaction receptors that respond to light touch and take part in stimulation, our cultural and social building and construction gives lips, and specifically kisses – sign of inflammation, accessory, complicity in a couple – an extremely powerful sexual power “.

How do you make these erotic zones work and activate at the correct time?
“It’s all about training. The more we stimulate the erogenous zones, the more we activate the sensory receptors, the more we sensitize them and the more we will increase their capacities to provide satisfaction. The training works for all the erogenous zones, main or secondary., the clitoris, the vaginal area, the vulva, the anus, the mouth, the lips, the breasts, however likewise the neck, the within the thighs and the lobes of the ears!

Erogeneity can be found out. It has a learning phase, which can take some time. Objective: to prosper in triggering the enjoyment receptors and the neural circuits connected to these receptors so that the brain understands that the signal sent out is a signal of enjoyment. It is said that ladies have a fulfilling sexuality in their forties, men much more youthful. However in males, neural circuits are set up much previously in their lives since almost all of them masturbate, not ladies. This is why, in particular, ladies have a more difficult access to orgasm than guys. For this reason the importance of masturbation for developing, discovering, and extending one’s capacities for sexual enjoyment”.

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